What Are The Uses And Types Of Humidifiers?

What Are The Uses And Types Of Humidifiers

What Are The Uses And Types Of Humidifiers?

The humidifier is an excellent product that has good use both in summer and winter months. In the summertime, many people suffer from respiratory problems because the weather is hot and there are allergens in the air. Moreover, fans and air conditioners circulate the dry air in the room, in addition, the air conditioners also remove the moisture from the air. A humidifier is more useful in the winter months when the weather is cold. Due to the cold, the lungs, nose, and lips get dried out. Also, due to the use of central heating systems, the indoor air gets dried out.

Humidifiers are very beneficial during these times and you can buy them from a medical store online like Vesalius Health. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Making productive cough

The dryness in the air can make the cough dry and unproductive. If there is humidity in the air, there will be more moisture in the airways that can make the cough more productive. A cough becomes productive when it releases sticky or trapped phlegm.

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  1. Preventing influenza

Humidifiers are helpful in preventing Influenza, as found by some authors. If the humidity levels in the air are above 40%, the influenza virus that enters the air via a simulated cough gets deactivated and makes it less infectious. Thus, using a humidifier will help in adding moisture to the air and deactivating the influenza virus particles from the air.

  1. Keeping the air moist

During winters, it is common to see people facing dryness in their skin, hair, and lips because of dryness in the air. People who use heating units also face it because these units pump out hot and dry air in their houses or offices, thus making the skin itchy, dry, or flaky. The outside cold air also does the same to the skin, lips, and hair. But, good humidifiers like Rehabilitation Advantage HCM-750 Clean Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier add moisture to the indoor air and prevent cracking up of the skin and keeping it moist, by keeping the air moist. They are available at the official website of Vesalius Health.

  1. Reducing snoring

When the air in the room is dry, the airways of the person are less lubricated that produces a snoring sound when they breathe. By increasing the moisture content in the air, you can effectively reduce snoring. You can run a good humidifier at night and get relief from snoring symptoms to a great extent.

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  1. Beneficial for homes

Using a humidifier at home can be very beneficial, by adding life to moisture-loving indoor houseplants and making them more vibrant. It also enhances the life of wood floors and furniture, prevents the cracking of the wallpaper and building of static electricity. You must note that humidifiers make the air humid that feels warmer than dry air and also helps in saving money on the electricity bills, especially in winters. Check out the Vesalius Health website to avail of discount coupons.

Types of Humidifiers

Humidifiers are very effective in adding moisture to the air and you can purchase a good one from a medical online store. They come in various types, as follows:

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers – They use vibrations to vaporize the water and produce moisture. They do not use electricity.
  • Steam vaporizers – They use electricity to produce steam, which gets cooled before coming out of the system. It can be risky as it can burn the skin if you come too close to it. One should be careful while using children around.
  • Central humidifiers – Here, you need to connect one of these units to the central air conditioning in-home or office to add moisture to space.
  • Evaporators – These humidifiers build humidity by blowing air when the water evaporates.
  • Impeller humidifiers – These humidifiers are children-friendly that use rotating disks and not heat, to vaporize the water.

Check our website and choose the humidifier that suits your needs. Their sizes can vary like a console humidifier is big enough to add moisture to an office or the whole house, whereas a personal humidifier is portable and can be carried anywhere. At, Vesalius Health, we bring to you the most widely used humidifiers.


Humidifiers are very beneficial to make the air moist in your room, home, or office and keep you away from respiratory problems or skin issues. People who live in areas with low humidity must buy a humidifier from a medical online store. Although, these humidifiers cannot treat your underlying problems like asthma, but can handle the symptoms caused by respiratory or skin dryness problems. Very good quality and affordable humidifiers are available at Vesalius Health.


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