What Are The Signs Of A Weak Immune System?

What Are The Signs Of A Weak Immune System

What Are The Signs Of A Weak Immune System?

An immune system is an amazing tool. Its purpose is to protect us against diseases, parasites, and infection. We’ll frequently fall ill and face a reduced life span based on medical care if we have a bad immune system. This defense system consists of various tissues, cells, and proteins. It is the most complex organ in the body next to the nervous system. When our immune system is running properly, we don’t feel it, even though it works around the clock to keep us at optimum fitness.  However, when our immune system is weakened, it cannot protect the body from invading species at the same high level and this puts us at risk of infectious diseases, crippling diseases and even increasing the risk of death. At least 80 diseases are caused by problems with the immune system and all of them can cause inflammations. But luckily there are signals to watch for, that might tip us off into a compromised immune system. So, in this blog, I am going to share the 6 signs of a weak immune system.

  1. You’re always ill: We all get sick particularly in winter months and there is nothing to worry about from an occasional illness. But if you’re constantly battling a number of diseases or one that’s recurrent, then it is a strong indication that your immune system is struggling to keep up.  So, if you notice regular colds, flu, thrush, mouth ulcers, and insistent infections then it’s time to see a doctor.
  2. You’re always tired: Often, we all burn the candle at both ends, but when you wake up continuously feeling tired it may mean that your immune system needs extra support. Your body will wear out faster when your immune system is not working properly as it battles harmful bacteria and parasites, leaving you exhausted during the day.
  3. It takes time to heal: If you notice that your skin’s wound takes longer than normal to heal, then a weak immune system is a fault. A healthy immune system helps improve the ability of your skin to cure by fighting harmful bacteria and reducing the risk of infection, but when your immune system is weakened, it may take much longer to heal because it cannot fight the infection as it should.
  4. Your stress level is too high: Long-term stress weakens the immune system’s responses according to a study by the American Psychological Association. That’s because stress reduces lymphocytes in the body, the white blood cells that help ward off infection. The lower the rates of your lymphocytes, the greater the chance of viruses like the common cold.
  5. You have digestive problems: The quality of your bacteria in the intestinal tract can directly affect your immune system, and vice versa. Your immune system gets balanced if the bacteria are healthy. But this bacteria in the intestinal tract is out of harmony, if you have regular diarrhea, ulcers, nausea, bloating, cramping, or constipation, and also, these are the clear symptoms of an imbalance of the immune system.
  6. You are over-weight: Even though your eating habits and workouts have not changed, you find yourself gaining extra pounds. Or the number may drop on your scale, for no clear reason. When you become overweight, your body adds more adipose tissue. Your fat cells then release more cytokines, resulting in low-grade, chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of your immune system to harmful items in your body, but when your body is continuously inflamed; your immune system becomes overworked and its capacity to combat infection becomes weakened.

Conclusion: A poor immune system will have a direct impact on your health, from hair loss to total exhaustion. To improve your immune system at home you should eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise, get plenty of quality sleep, keep stress at bay, and take organic CBD tincture or capsules to make sure your body’s defense mechanism stays at its peak.

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