The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Baby Wipes

Choosing The Best Baby Wipes

The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Baby Wipes

As we all are aware, these days, baby wipes are available in different variants. From different scents to no scent or from extra thick ones to flip top packs or from refill packs to all-natural ones, there is a wide array of wipes to choose from. What’s more, you can even make a baby wipe of your own.

Amidst so many options, how will you choose the one best for your bunch of joy? Obviously, all wipes are ultimately meant to do the same job, but some wipes might not be suitable for your baby’s skin. Also, some wipes are faster, and some are better.

So in this article, we will be presenting a guide about buying the wipe that is best for your baby.

Before that, let us know a bit more about the history of baby wipes.

How Did It Start? 

Ages ago, cloth scraps or cloth baby wipes that can be washed and reused were used for babies. In 1950, a few companies started making the wipes that can be disposed of and can be used for hand and another cleaning. This made the process of cleaning pretty convenient for parents. Wipes that specified its use for babies came in the 1980s.

Today baby wipes are one of the most imperative needs for parents. From diaper duty to cleaning face and hands, wipes have become a necessity.

Branded Versus Generic 

The generic wipes are easy on the pocket as compared to the branded ones. This is the reason families mostly prefer them to save money. Many of these just do their desired job, whereas some are too thin for doing it well, so you have to use many of them. Some of them have a very slippery texture, making it tough to do the clean-up job effectively.

Talking about the major brands, most of them have almost the same quality. Some brands have multiple scent options to offer. Almost the level store brands can bring down the branded baby wipes’ cost if you get some coupon offers. Stores that have coupons to offer ultimately provide the best price.

Scented vs. Unscented Baby Wipes

Scented baby wipes sound very cool and all; however, make sure your baby’s skin isn’t sensitive. Scented wipes have fragrances that can sometimes cause itching or redness to your baby’s skin.

For sensitive-skinned babies, unscented wipes are preferred.

Tips for Buying Baby Wipes in Bulk

There is a general rule that the more wipes you buy, the better price you will get. Jumbo boxes of baby wipes are the best value-for-money product. These are generally available at your nearest departmental store or shopping mall.

However, don’t buy these baby wipes in bulk before your baby is born. There may be chances that the wipe you chose affects the skin of your baby.

You should also consider where to buy medical supplies online for the best deals.

Baby Wipe Container Types

You have now bought the desired baby wipes, but what about storing them. For this, you need a baby wipe container. Generally, we use plastic container boxes that come with a flip-up lid. These are very easy and convenient to use. However, the wipes inside need to be refilled every time the ones inside are finished.

The next type is the same plastic box but with a rigid flip-up lid. You just have to put a new box inside instead of refilling wipes one by one.

However, the rigid flip-up lid problem is that it makes a creaking plastic sound, which could be troublesome for late-night diaper changes.

Travel Wipes

Travel wipes usually come in types of containers suitable for you to carry while you are traveling. They have a spot so that they work as wipes dispenser and proves very comfortable to use while traveling.

Extra-Thick Wipes

Sometimes people are skeptical of whether the wipe will hold their baby’s poo or not. Worry not,extra-thick wipes are the one for you to choose if you feel the same.

Specialty Wipes

If your baby is very much prone to diaper rash or wants a wipe, which is good for mother Earth, various companies make specialty wipes. These are specially prepared to check as many boxes as possible. However, they usually cost more than conventional wipes.

Flushable Wipes

Sick of clogged sewer lines due to flushed wipes, well flushable wipes are there for you to get rid of this mess. These are safe to flush and won’t clog your sewer lines.

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