The Ideal Way To Disinfect Your Home To Keep Them Virus Free

The Ideal Way To Disinfect Your Home To Keep Them Virus Free

The Ideal Way To Disinfect Your Home To Keep Them Virus Free

A hygienic lifestyle is very important if you want to stay away from germs, viruses and lead a healthy life. Many-a-times people fall sick due to bed bugs, or other viruses that are present in your home, this is why it is always advised to keep your home and surroundings clean and disinfected.

The difference between cleaning and disinfecting is that the former means clearing of the pollutants from the surfaces and the latter means killing of those harmful pathogens from the house.

Microbes can be very harmful, so the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends disinfecting and cleaning homes even if no one is sick at home. The surfaces most vulnerable to microbes are the high-contacted surfaces in the homes, thus you must clean them daily to stay safe. You may have family members go out every day, or visitors at home and unknowingly they can bring in a lot of germs and viruses with them. If you disinfect your house regularly and dust-in daily, you can get rid of those disease-causing microbes. If you are still thinking about where to Buy medical supplies online, then Vesalius Health offers a wide range of disinfectants, masks, and sanitizers.

In the current times of COVID-19, it has been established by the scientists that the coronavirus strain can sit on the surfaces like cardboards for 24 hours, on stainless steel and plastic for around 2-3 days. Thus, cleaning and disinfecting must not be avoided at all.

The high-contact surfaces at home are many, like – table surfaces, doorknobs, chairs, handrails of stairs, light switches, faucets and their knobs, toilet seats and handles, remote controls, bathroom, etc.

The process to Clean and Disinfect

To clean the surfaces, take a hand towel dab or a cloth in soap water or a cleaning liquid, and clean all the dust, pollutants, remnants, etc. from the surfaces. Then, use a disinfectant on wipes or use a disinfectant spray on those surfaces to get rid of any microbes. Always buy a disinfectant that has sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide as they are strong opposers of the coronavirus strain. With this technique and products, you can easily and effectively clean your house. Thus, all your doubts related to where to buy medical supplies online are solved at Vesalius Health.

Disinfect using Household bleach

You can choose to disinfect your house using diluted household bleach solutions. But, first of all make sure the rooms should be well-ventilated where you are applying this bleach and also ensure that bleach is suitable to be used on a particular surface.

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The household bleach which is not expired works well against the coronavirus provided it is properly diluted. Use the bleach that has 5.25-8.25% sodium hypochlorite, otherwise do not buy. Do not ever mix the household bleach with ammonia or some other cleanser otherwise it will become flammable and poisonous to breathe in. Before applying, go through the instructions by the manufacturer and do not leave the bleach on the surface for more than a minute.

Preparing Bleaching Solution 

Take 5 tablespoons of bleach (5.25-8.25%) per gallon of room temperature water. This solution will work well if used within 24 hours of preparation. You can also use alcohol solutions with a minimum of 70% alcohol composition.

Soft surfaces like carpets, drapes, rugs, etc. first clean them with soap and water or cleaners. Launder them as per the manufacturer’s instructions and with warm water. Thereafter make sure these items get completely dried. You can also use a household disinfectant on List N, as these are the ones used against the SARs-CoV-2external icon, which is the main culprit for spreading Covid-19.

For electronics, use wipeable cover and use alcohol-based sprays for cleaning and disinfecting them. Then dry them properly.

For towels, linen, clothing, etc., launder them as per the instructions of the manufacturer, use warm water and dry completely after washing.

Bear in mind, not to shake the dirty laundry, wear disposable gloves while handling the laundry of a sick person, clean and disinfect the clothes hampers, etc.

The ideal disinfectant supplied by Vesalius Health is Opti-Cide MAX. This Micro-Scientific disinfectant is ideal for surfaces and can be used every day for multiple uses. It is compatible with all surfaces, is fast, and has a broad spectrum. It was tested to kill organisms and it killed them in 30 seconds to one minute.

It is sure to give fast turnovers and is also capable of killing the dangerous ESKAPE MDRO and ESKAPE organisms within a minute. These organisms are responsible for a majority of hospital-acquired infections. It also has a strong scrubbing ability that can clean and disinfect the surfaces very quickly, at the same time being safe. They use a low-alcohol formula (20%) and act as a broad-spectrum disinfectant – Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, and Virucidal. This is available at 21% off at Vesalius Health, thus order yours now, and disinfect your houses.


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