Handmaster PLUS

Handmaster Plus hand exerciser is anatomically and physiologically sound as far as a complete hand exercise product. It was designed by Dr. Terry Zachary, a former professional golfer & sports chiropractor.


Handmaster Plus allows health care professionals, trainers, athletes, musicians, and other users to control the resistance of Handmaster Plus hand exercise device used. Each strength (soft, medium, firm) is designed for specific requirements. Strong or weak, old or young, no matter what your activity is, Handmaster Plus has the right-hand exercise solution for you.

Why Handmaster Plus?

For the past 50 years, ‘grip-only’ finger, thumb, and hand strengthening equipment (i.e. coiled & spring-loaded grippers, grip rings, stress balls, etc.) have been the dominant grip training choice. Yet these items are incomplete mechanically, strengthening ONLY the muscles (9) that close the hand, leaving the user open to chronic repetitive grip imbalance, weakness, cramping, poor circulation, and joint instability. The classic ‘rice-box’ was an excellent exercise as it successfully brought strength AND balance to the muscles of the hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow, but it was TOO BULKY TO CARRY AROUND! ‘Elastic bands & exercise putty’ do not allow full range of motion (ROM) training… and are inconvenient, messy & time-consuming to reposition and reload. Handmaster Plus easily combines the mechanics of strength and balance in one complete, convenient, easy to understand hand exerciser. The result is tissue health, joint stability, and diverse circulation.

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