Important Things to Know Before Buying The Best Pulse Oximeter

Important Things to Know Before Buying The Best Pulse Oximeter

Important Things to Know Before Buying The Best Pulse Oximeter

We all prefer having a first-aid home kit, that includes a thermometer, blood pressure monitor, sugar monitor, glucometer, gauge, antiseptic cream, etc. It comes very handy in times of need and can many times avert an emergency visit to the hospital. But, in today’s time, this medical kit needs an update – an Oximeter, to measure the oxygen saturation level of a person. Due to increasing pollution levels, breathing problems are on the rise, especially in the worst polluted cities. You can easily buy such medical products online on, at discounted prices.

Air pollution causes severe breathing disorders in people of all age groups, and severely impacts the lungs. It is dangerous and if coupled with irregular pulse rate, it can cause death. If you have an oximeter at home, you can quickly check the oxygen level i.e. the SpO2 levels and the heart rate. A sudden fall in the SpO2 levels means the person needs to be taken to the hospital right away. You can carry the oximeter along and keep checking the oxygen level on the way to the hospital.

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An oximeter is a small device that you can also carry to high altitudes as it helps you quickly measure the oxygen level and get the first-aid if required. It is also helpful in detecting some heart and lung problems, at an early age.

Working Principle of a Pulse Oximeter

An oximeter can be a life-saving device at home. It works on a simple principle that measures the light absorption in the blood. There is a difference in the light absorption abilities of oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood. The work of the oximeter is to measure this change in the light absorption capability of blood and convert it into a readable form, then display it on the screen. This difference in light absorption measures the SpO2 levels and indicates if it is fatal or not.

The oximeter has two ends, where one end emits light and the other detects the light. Its USP lies in the fact that it is a non-invasive way to measure the SpO2 levels and the heart rate.

Types of Oximeters 

Oximeters are of three types and are easily available at You buy medical supplies online at this website and get a discounted coupon.

  1. Finger Pulse Oximeters

The finger pulse oximeters are compact devices that can be easily mounted on the fingertip, of any finger of our hand. They are portable and measure the SpO2 levels quickly. It has a small screen on top that displays the oxygen level in the blood. They are very popular in-home medical kits because of their compactness and accuracy. Even hospitals have started using these oximeters to get a quick reading of patients. It saves a lot of their time. It is available at a very affordable price at Especially, in the current times of Covid, these oximeters are very helpful in checking the oxygen levels of critical patients.

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  1. Handheld Oximeters

The handheld oximeters are used usually by hospitals and medical institutes, as they are costlier than finger pulse oximeters. These are advanced devices as they not only measure the heart rate, SpO2 levels, but much more that helps in easy diagnosis of the issue. They have a screen in the form of a handheld device. These come with clips that you can attach either to the fingers or toes. This makes it very convenient to check the oxygen levels and other vitals especially in times of emergency.

  1. Pediatric Pulse Oximeters 

These oximeters are also called the Fetal Pulse Oximeters and are helpful in checking the SpO2 levels of the child. Since it is not possible to use a finger clamp on an infant or a small child, these oximeters come with a probe that is used to measure the SpO2 levels by just touching the probe to the baby’s head. These oximeters also check the levels of an unborn baby because the probe can be inserted into the birth canal to get the oxygen reading of the fetus. This information is extremely helpful for the doctors as they can determine what complications can come ahead and what can be done in advance to avert some complications.


There are many brands selling the best oximeters, but to buy any medical products online you must visit and check out the best oximeters at affordable prices. To add to your home kit, buy the finger pulse oximeter as it will give you accurate results at home and let you decide if a hospital trip is needed.


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