Important Things To Know About Hand Sanitizers And Face Masks

Important Things To Know About Hand Sanitizers And Face Masks

Important Things To Know About Hand Sanitizers And Face Masks

In the present times of Covid-19, where maintaining hygiene has become the top-most priority for all, use of hand sanitizers and face masks has increased many folds. People are aware that having these two can protect them from this deadly virus. But, not any and every face mask and hand sanitizer can protect you from getting infected. You must be aware that this virus enters through dirty hands, mouth, eyes, and nose. So, to avoid being infected, your protective gear must have enough resilience towards the virus.

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To avoid the coronavirus sticking to your body, you must wash your hands regularly and wear face masks. sells online medical products like face masks and hand sanitizers that are of optimum quality and safety. They offer different types of hand sanitizers that are not only germ-killing antiseptic solutions but are also pocket-friendly.

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Types of Hand Sanitizers

  1. Alcohol-based Sanitizers

These sanitizers contain alcohol in the range of 60% to 90% and kill germs very effectively. It is a liquid that you can use with hand wash and water. This kind of sanitizer kills the germs efficiently and keeps you virus-free.

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  1. Non-Alcohol Sanitizers

These sanitizers are gel-based and have lesser alcohol content than alcohol-based sanitizers. But, they are also good to remove germs effectively and are pocket friendly.

You can buy this medical equipment online at very lucrative prices from and live healthily. You simply need to visit the website, add the sanitizer of your choice to the cart, and checkout.

Types of Face Masks

After sanitizers, face masks are very effective in preventing the spread of any virus, through cough or cold. You will find different kinds of office masks, made for different purposes, like surgical masks, gas masks, etc.

  1. Surgical Mask (Disposable)

These masks are used by surgeons and doctors to keep them protected from infections and viruses. Its main purpose is to keep you safe from airborne diseases. It is also ideal for staying safe from the coronavirus infection. After use, this mask needs to be disposed of.

  1. Reusable Gas/Respirator Mask

These masks help in preventing the inhalation of chemicals, paint, solvents, etc. you can reuse these masks and keep yourself protected from poisonous gases and chemicals.

  1. N95 Disposable Respirator Mask

These masks are a good precaution against dust, molds, and other environmental allergens. It is highly effective (about 95%) in keeping you safe from airborne germs that traverse through vapor or gas. It can also prevent coronavirus and other deadly infections.

  1. Self-contained Apparatus (Reusable)

This kind of mask/apparatus is used by the fire-fighters and is not ideal for coronavirus or other flu. It helps them in breathing in the dangerously polluted areas. They can reuse these masks as well.

  1. Full face Air-purifying Respirator Mask (Reusable)

These masks are effective in preventing strong gases and vapors. It covers the face and eyes and is ideal for scientists who work in severe chemical environments. To get a better breath with it, you can also attach an air purifier with it.

Face masks are the best online medical products that you can buy from, at very cheap prices. The process is the same, choose the face mask you require, add it to the cart, and checkout. It will be delivered right at your doorstep.


Q1. Why is the name N95 face masks?

The N95 face mask is called with that name because it blocks 95% of viruses that are responsible for the deadly respiratory problems in humans.

Q2. Which is better? – Hand Wash or Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers consist of a high amount of alcohol, thus are very effective in killing germs and viruses from hands. On the other hand, the hand wash only removes the germs, it does not kill them due to lack of alcohol content in them.

Q3. How long does the effect of hand sanitizer last?

A hand sanitizer remains effective for about six hours. They contain 60% alcohol and can kill 99.9% germs. You can buy effective hand sanitizers from at affordable prices. They also offer great discounts on their products.


Hand sanitizers and face masks are the best tools for hygiene and can keep you safe from the deadly flu and viruses. proffers all the medical equipment online, at discounted rates. Their products are of optimum quality and offer the best protection.



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