Impact of COVID-19 and Change in Life

Impact of COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 and Change in Life

The outburst of COVID-19 has established a worldwide health epidemic that had a major effect on the way we view our environment and our daily life. We can’t even forecast how the world seems like the next week or the year. Not only the effect of this virus and its transmission pattern challenges our sense of identity but the precaution planned to stop the spread of this virus is social distancing i.e. stopping the humans from doing which is naturally in them.

This global epidemic not only has an impact on the work of the world but also has a great effect on mental and physical well-being. In short, this virus has changed the way we work, perform our daily activities, live our lives, etc at an incredible rate. The virus shows its effect at multiple-levels leading to the economic slowdown, financial loss, trade and travel difficulties, public isolation, and so on.

How this virus is collapsing our business economy and jobs?

The destruction in the economy is relatively simple. Businesses exist to make profits; they can’t sell products if they are unable to make it and this simply means that if they can’t make any money, they will hire less, resulting in unemployment. Business owners now have the power to put on hold the workers that they don’t need necessarily for a short period of time.

The pandemic emphasizes that many job titles are not vital, and we do lack enough main employees to respond when things go wrong. Not only this, but people are forced to work for shitty jobs because in a society where monetary value is the economy’s guiding principle, the basic necessities of life are mainly accessible through markets. That means in order to purchase them you need money, which comes from a job.

The COVID-19 epidemic affects all segments of the population and is especially harmful to members of communities in the most difficult circumstances; it tends to impact communities, including people living in conditions of deprivation, elderly people, people with disabilities, youth, and native peoples.

Impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted our everyday lives and slows the world economy. This pandemic has infected thousands of populations, who are either sick or killed because of the spread of this disease. Fever, cold, cough, bone pain, and breathing difficulties are the most common signs of this virus, eventually contributing to pneumonia. Since this is a new viral infection for the first-time affecting humans, vaccines are not available yet.

Accordingly, the focus is on taking thorough precautions such as comprehensive hygiene protocol, for instance,frequently washing hands for at least 20 seconds, preventing face-to-face contact, social distancing, and wearing face-mask. As this virus has infected most of the world’s population. Therefore, the countries have banned people from gathering and break the exponential growth.

The impacts of COVID-19 in daily life are already widespread and have far-reaching effects. These could be divided into various categories:

Healthcare: This is the first sector which is greatly influenced by this virus. The world is facing massive problems in the diagnosis, quarantine, and in the treatment of the suspected and the confirmed cases.

  • There is also a huge burden on the functioning of the current medical system. Not only this, but people with other diseases and health issues are overlooked now.
  • In fact, there is also a burden on physicians and other health-care staff. They face a very high risk of being contaminated.
  • Apart from this, there is also a requirement of high protection equipment’s but we are lacking in medical supply chains.

Economic: There is a slowdown in the production of the essentials.

  • Failure in the distribution network of the products.
  • Dramatically decline of revenue development.
  • Massive losses in national and international businesses.
  • Shortage of cash flow in the market.

Social: Alleviation in social contact with colleagues and members of the family.

  • The service sectors are not able to provide their services properly.
  • Elimination of domestic and international travel and service cancelation.
  • Cancelation or delay of large-scale competitions and events.
  • Closing of the hotels, restaurants, and other businesses resulting in huge losses. 
  • Interruption in the religious and festive gatherings.
  • The most worrying is the excessive tension amongst the population.
  •  Last but not the least closing of entertainment centers such as cinemas and theatres, sports clubs, gyms, water parks, etc.

So COVID-19 has certainly had a surprisingly poor impact on the day-to-day life of the whole of human society and on the world economy as well. In contrast, adopting the required precautions and the implementation of basic hygiene measures at the workplace, such as proper sanitization and thorough cleaning in all areas, etc., is a priority in the present time and everyone should make it part of their efforts to safeguard health and safety for all.

Conclusion: Covid-19 has taken a depressing worldwide toll on life, health care, employment, and mental wellbeing. These are clearly difficult times for all of us, but the one thing we know is that our strongest approach relies on global empathy, solidarity, and community building. The COVID-19 episode will undeniably come to an end. We are going to get back into our lives and visit the great outdoors but our lives would be strikingly different then. Furthermore, our current stance will decide when we will be reaching that level. We must support efforts to isolate ourselves from society and minimize disease transmission. Only then can we enter the world of post-pandemics.

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