How To Buy The Best Sock Aid?

How To Buy The Best Sock Aid

How To Buy The Best Sock Aid?

Wearing and taking off socks is a task that is not so comfortable, especially for people suffering from joint pain, fatigue, and stiffness. It is very frustrating and griming for patients with severe arthritis. But this problem can be solved with the help of sock aid. It is a fabulous device that helps in putting on and taking off your socks with minimal effort and strain. These days you can shop medical equipment online and sock aid is also available at Vesalius health. Sock aid helps in bridging the gap that is created because of your physical inability and proper dressing.

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What is Sock Aid?

Sock Aid is an excellent device that helps in slipping on the socks without much effort and causing strain in the back. It is a very flexible mechanism that is connected to two long vertical handles. Keep the rim of your socks open and slip it over to the stretchy part of the sock aid. Put the sock over the device, drop it down on the floor, and keep holding the handles. Use the handles to pull back the device so that the foot goes into the socks.

Best Sock Aid for You

There are a plethora of sock aids available under the online medical products category. These sock aids are extremely helpful for arthritis patients because the sock aid system slides the socks on the foot with minimal effort. You will find many types of sock aids like single and double handles aids, rigid or flexible aids, etc. available in various colors and styles. Due to the ease of buying medical equipment online, you can order sock aid online and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Based on Handle Types

The style of sock aid handle is different for different products. You can choose the one ideal for you. If you choose double-handed aids, you need more coordination to draw them upwards. While seated, you can also adjust the length of the handle as required to touch the floor. If the patient is semi-paralytic or has an amputated hand and thus is unable to use both hands, single-handed aids are more helpful.

Based on Material

You must wisely choose the material of the sock aid before purchasing it. The material can be rigid or flexible, where the flexible one will bend easily and would let you slide the socks around it easily. The rigid sock aids will open the socks wider.

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Varieties of Sock Aids

While looking for online medical products, you will find many varieties of sock aids. Some of the popular varieties of sock aid are:

  • Stocking Donner

The handles of this sock aid are made of comfortable foam and can be easily used. You need not bend more and keep your back in perfect shape, avoiding strain.

  • Compression Sock Aid

This sock aid is connected to a continuous circular cord. The user needs to pull the compression aid over the synthetic shape and place his foot inside. Then pull the circular cord to bring compression socks over the legs. There are some sock aids that have a rigid design from the groove that hold the stockings at a place to avoid them from slipping.

  • Stainless-steel Sock Aid

This sock aid has a handle equipped with an arched hook of plastic to give a better grip. The user can place the hook around the heels to put on or take off the socks.

There are also other options like broad sock aid, sock notch, foam handler support, etc. You can easily find these products online. Sock notch is the best buy for people who can use only one hand. People with osteoarthritis can use sock aids with foam handles to get a firm grip on holding the handles.


It is not easy to live with a physical ailment especially while doing basic daily tasks. It can become very frustrating and painful to wear a sock if you cannot bend. Arthritis patients feel the worst as they cannot put on or take off their socks on their own. People with semi-paralysis find it a challenge to dress properly. Sock aid is definitely a savior for such people and it can be a little hard to learn how to use them. But. gradually it will be easy to dress on your own without any assistance and with minimal effort.

With helpful sock aid, the patient’s life will ease to a huge extent.


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