Everything You Need To Know About Breast Pumps

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Pumps

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Pumps

Women go through this face when they give birth to a child, and it is probably the best moment in a woman’s life. Being a mother comes with various responsibilities because one has to take care of their child. There are certain precautions that a mother has to take care of when they breastfeed their child. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to feed a child at his/her early age. The market has come up with milk powders that claim they are better than a mother’s milk.

But breastfeeding is one of the healthiest and safest ways of feeding a child. Because a child gets all the nutritional items he or she needs from breast milk that is not present on milk powders. So if you do not know of breastfeeding or how you use pumps to collect milk or how to store breast milk, you probably should read this blog till the end. Nowadays one can buy a breast pump online from a medical online store.

Buying medical equipment online is easy, there is no rocket science needed to buy a breast pump. Just keep the below-mentioned points in your mind and you are already.

Types of breast pump a woman needs:

The market has different breast pumps according to different requirements and budgets. So a mother gets to choose from many options for a breast pump. Choose the right product for yourself and your kid and provide him/her with a healthy lifestyle. Let us have a look at some breast pumps available in the market.

  1. Manual breast pump: As the name suggests, a manual pump works with manual strength and is good for mothers who stay at home most of the time. It requires a pump when a baby cannot feed properly from its mother’s breast because of some issues. They do come in various colors and sizes, so one can accord to their needs. One has to cover up the nipple with the shield and then with the help of a handle they can squeeze the breast milk and store it in a container. By pressing the handle, the tubes create pressure on the breast, thus the milk comes out and flows from another tube. But if you are a working woman, then you should not buy a manual pump.
  2. Electronic pump: Electronic pump works with the help of electricity and takes less time to collect the milk than a manual pump. But these types of breast pumps are a little expensive, but they come with various features at the same time. One can also increase or decrease the suction level of the pump. But keep this in mind when there is no electricity one may have to face the consequences, so try to store the milk as per your baby’s requirements. This pump is good for women who go to work.
  3. Battery-powered pump: They are also like electronic pumps, the only difference is that it works on batteries, not electricity. The features and functions remain the same in most of the battery-powered pumps. Extract the milk with the help of a battery-operated pump and store it in some container and feed it to your child whenever needed. Order a breast pump for now from a medical online store and start feeding your baby your milk.

How often should a woman use a breast pump?

This is one of the most important points a woman should keep in mind, that is how often she should use a breast pump. A woman should use a breast pump after she gives birth to a child so she can become familiar with the process. One should wait at least 50 to 60 minutes before extracting milk with the help of a breast pump again.

Use a breast pump after every 1.5 hours, allow your body to rest for at least 50 minutes before using a pump. Make sure you get enough milk to feed your baby before you head out to work. While you are out working make sure that your child gets enough milk to stay healthy.

If you see any complications while you use a breast pump or are not able to extract milk, contact your doctor immediately.

Ways to store breast milk:

After extracting milk, just keep it at room temperature for 3-6 hours and store it in an airtight container or bottle which comes with a pump. Store breast milk at 59 ℃ and use it between 24 hours and 38℃ or less if you want to store it for a week. Never store breast milk in the freezer, always store it in the refrigerator only.


Keep all these points in mind while buying a breast pump or feeding your child. By the time one will get to know things about breastfeeding. So take your time and provide your child with the right nutrition and take proper care of your child. Buying medical equipment online is easy and one can also avail of great discount if they make a purchase online. Invest your money on the right breast pump.

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