Different Types Of Ostomy Supplies You Can Buy Online

Different Types Of Ostomy Supplies You Can Buy Online

Different Types Of Ostomy Supplies You Can Buy Online

The market is flooded with several products for ostomy care and it gets overwhelming while searching for the right product. Usually, the basic ostomy care products are ostomy pouches and wafers (skin barriers), the other products are called accessories. Nowadays, with the growth of eCommerce, you can find medical equipment online and search for the right one.

Why do you need Ostomy Accessories?

Ostomy care supplies and accessories are helpful in securing a seal. Many people might not even require ostomy supplies because of a good seal between the skin and the barrier. But, for others, it can be a huge problem. The main aim of ostomy accessories is to protect the stoma, keep a tight seal, and keep the skin around the stoma separate from the bodily waste. Ostomy accessories are a simple, discreet, and secure option for the users. You can find these products at online medical stores, at affordable costs.

You can buy an ostomy care product if you find

  • Any leakage or if the skin becomes irritated and red, around the stoma
  • A retracted stoma
  • Open areas of skin around that area
  • The barrier does not adhere tightly to the skin

Types of Ostomy Supplies

Before you buy an ostomy care product, it is first important to understand how to take care of it and to know what are the different kinds of ostomy supplies available in the market, how they work, and how to use them. You will find all varieties of such equipment at Vesalius Health.

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Pouch Support

The way your stoma is built and its surrounding skin area have a huge impact on the security of your pouching system. The pouch support that is attached to the wafer makes sure that the bag is in place. They offer extra support to the abdomen and give a sense of security. You will require the belt if your flange/wafer is not sealed tightly to the skin and there is persistent leakage. The ostomy belt will easily fix the pouching system to the abdomen and prevent the lifting of the borders of the wafer. People who have a hernia or those who are very active in sports require ostomy belts. They can purchase the ostomy supplies like Colostomy Barrier FlexWear Pre-Cut Tape 2-¼” Flange Code Hydrocolloid 1-¼” Stoma, Colostomy Pouch Karaya 5 One-piece System 16” Length 2-½” Stoma Drainable, etc. You can avail of the discount coupons at the Vesalius Health website and buy these accessories at discounted prices.

Pouching Systems

An ostomy pouching system is helpful in collecting bodily waste from a urostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy. It aids in safeguarding the skin around the artificial opening and keeps the ostomy pouch in place. There are two types of pouching systems – one-piece and two-piece. The former has a wafer permanently attached to the pouch and is ideal for people suffering from arthritis, bad eyesight, etc. The latter has a skin barrier and pouch as separate units and reduces skin irritation. You can easily find them at online medical stores.

Barrier Rings and Seals

Barrier Seals and Rings avoid ostomy leaks because they fill the gaps between the stoma and the wafer. Before applying the wafer, place the barrier rings around the stoma, or you can directly attach the ring to the wafer. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. There is a wide variety of barrier rings and seals, in different sizes available at the online stores.

Stoma Paste

Stoma paste is used to create a strong seal between the stoma and the wafer. This paste fills up for any unevenness around the stoma and makes a flat, consistent surface. It is available in squeezable tubes and strips and can be directly applied to the wafer or stoma. Use an adhesive remover wipe or warm water with a cloth to remove the stoma paste.

Skin Prep

You can buy several medical types of equipment online, including skin-protecting products like adhesive wipes, skin prep sprays, skin barrier film, etc. These wipes offer a thin layer of protection between the skin and the adhesive of the pouching system. People with fragile or sensitive skin will benefit from them. You can either buy a wipe or a spray as these also help in healing the skin from irritation sores, or redness. Make sure it is applied to clean, dry skin.

Odor Control

The odor control products are helpful in eliminating odors. They come in bottles or in the form of drops or tablets. Any kind of leakage can cause odora and the ostomy pouch deodorant breaks the odors and kills odor-producing bacteria. Visit the Vesalius Health page to buy these products at affordable and discounted prices.

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