Different Kinds Of Physiotherapy Equipment And Its Benefits

Different Kinds Of Physiotherapy Equipment And Its Benefits

Different Kinds Of Physiotherapy Equipment And Its Benefits

Physiotherapy is a physical therapy process that is helpful in treating disabilities, diseases, and various disorders. The doctor diagnoses evaluate and suggest the treatment of physiotherapy. To carry out this treatment for various diseases and disabilities, therapists use different kinds of physical equipment. These are called physiotherapy equipment and are primarily used to do the daily tasks painlessly and comfortably. There are many kinds of therapies that heal different body parts. You can find different physical therapy equipment on the home medical supplies online website – vesaliushealth.com.

Different Physiotherapy Equipment 

A physiotherapist is the one who uses various machines and equipment to treat different diseases and disabilities. Vesaliushealth.com offers some of the best physiotherapy equipment, at discounted prices. They make the patients do several exercises with this equipment. Some of the equipment are listed below:

  1. Exercise Equipment 

Physical therapy involves exercises of different types, and each exercise requires different equipment. The therapists use this exercise equipment to heal muscles and bone disorders or disabilities. Some of the commonly used exercise equipment for physiotherapy are exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, pedal exercisers, etc. These are widely used in hospitals and therapy clinics.

  1. Trampoline

Another effective and simple physiotherapy equipment is the mini and portable trampoline. It is important for therapy patients, mainly because it has adjustable inclines. The therapist can adjust them as per the requirements of the patient. Trampoline helps in strengthening the leg muscles and is ideal for patients who are suffering from a leg injury.

  1. Balance ball and chair

Physiotherapy is very effective in healing a variety of diseases or injuries. One of the therapy equipment is a balance ball and chair, especially for people who want to work on properly aligning the body and spine while doing exercises. The balance chair is designed ergonomically that prevents straining of muscles while exercising with the ball. Vesaliushealth.com offers some amazing fitness equipment. Simply visit their website, enter your email address, and avail a discount coupon. It is one of the best places to buy home medical supplies online.

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  1. Hot and cold therapy equipment 

The hot and cold therapy is a part of physiotherapy and is highly effective in relieving pain from arthritis and inflammation, and also aids in post-surgical recovery. This therapy uses heating pads to give relief from pain, and cold compressors are used to reduce swelling of knees and elbows. To strengthen and heal the limbs, this therapy uses sitting and standing whirlpools also.

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  1. Mobility equipment

Mobility equipment is also a part of physiotherapy and they aid in improving strength, mobility, coordination, and balance. The staircase trainer is one of the best mobility trainers for physiotherapy and aid in regaining mobility and strength of the lower body. For an enhanced range of motion and strength, parallel bars are used.

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  1. UBE

Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is like a stationary bike but is used to strengthen and heal the upper body, arms, and shoulders.

Other essential physical therapy equipments include – TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine, and Ultrasound and Laser machines that help in relieving chronic pain.

Benefits of Purchasing Physical Equipment Online

If you are looking to buy home medical supplies online, then visit vesaliushealth.com and buy any medical equipment at very cheap prices. You can avail of the coupon to get discounted rates on physiotherapy equipment. Physiotherapy is beneficial in getting rid of chronic pain and restricting the chances of impending surgery.

Doctors usually refer physiotherapy for many patients as it heals them quickly and gives them long-term benefits.

  • Pain Reliever

Any pain, especially chronic without an underlying condition, is the most troublesome condition and requires immediate attention. Physiotherapy helps such patients to relieve pain and feel happy.

  • Avoids Surgery

There are many conditions where surgery is unavoidable, but there are several conditions where you can avoid surgery, with the help of physiotherapy. A physiatrist will recommend physiotherapy if he feels that surgery can be escaped.

  • Avert Injuries 

Physiotherapy equipment is the best in assessing the weak areas of the patient’s body and helps them get rid of that pain.


With the increased use of the internet and online shopping, it has become easy to buy home medical supplies online. Visit vesaliushealth.com and buy great-quality physical equipment at discounted prices. You will not find a matchable price elsewhere. Simply search for your physiotherapy equipment, add to the cart, make the payment, and you are done.


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