Choose The Right Compression Socks Or Stockings

Choose The Right Compression Socks Or Stockings

Choose The Right Compression Socks Or Stockings

Compression socks are considered as functional socks to fulfill medical needs. It provides compression in the form of pressure and tightness on leg muscles to speed up recovery from any injury by improving blood circulation.

These compression socks are conservative though, but effective in treating people having problems like varicose of veins, edema, foot pain, or swelling. A compression sock is among the most demanded medical products online to treat leg related issues in an affordable yet efficient way.

When you are taking a heavy load on your feet by engaging in athletic activities or a professional, compression socks is a fair deal to invest in.

Compression stocking comes in varied sizes and colors. Choosing the right fit is very important for effective results. So in the below section we have compiled certain points you must consider while selecting the right compression socks:

Choose your size for the right pressure

The level of compression in Compression stockings are measured in millimeter of mercury (mmHg) as:

  • 10-15 mmHg is for preventive use during the period of limited leg movement or that long hours during travel.
  • 15-20 mmHg provides moderate pressure, is suitable for minor ankle sprains, aching legs, minor varicose of veins, and minor edema.
  • 20-30 mmHg provides firm support and is great for moderate varicose veins, pregnancy, moderate edema, aching legs, and thrombophlebitis for preventing venous ulcer.
  • 30-40 mmHg is extra firm stocking/socks for severe conditions like lymphedema, severe varicose vein, deep vein thrombosis, or chronic venous issue.

Determine your needs and choose the right compression garment from our home medical supplies online, available in various colors and sizes. For example, our Imak A20192 Arthritis Socks helps relieve pain ideal for treating arthritis, and Compression Stockings Edema Wear is suitable for people having edema.

Pick your style aiming your needs

Knee-high compression socks stop below the knee, just below the curvature of your calf. Some compression socks are stretchy enough to stretch over the knee but doing so is not advisable. Pulling your knee-high compressor stocks above knees might cause them to slide down which is harmful considering your medical condition and compression as prescribed.

Thigh-high compressor stocking covers the entire leg, stretched till thigh, below your hips. Thigh-high compressing stocks are intended to improve blood circulation in the entire leg that’s why it is designed to cover the entire thigh.

Waste high/ pantyhose/ maternity compression stockings are stretched till torso connected by two legs, like stretch pants. Maternity pantyhose are expandable from the belly button for that support.

In our home medical supplies online stock we have knee-high and thigh-high compression stockings in closed toes ranges of all sizes. Contact for your order.

Choose your preferred style

Compression stockings are available in various fabrics like opaque, sheen, and cotton that you can choose from. Opaque stockings are like men’s socks, ideal for both men and women because of comfort and strength to provide enough compression. These are more suitable ones then sheen and are suitable mostly for varicose veins, swelling, and post-surgery.

Sheen stockings are more fashionable and are transparent, which can go well with your other wears but do not provide much compression. This looks well like your second skin and can be easily paired with any stylish outfit.

Compression socks with cotton material are great for sports and running because of the heat and moisture control feature. However, these stockings are suitable for venous related conditions but provide lower compression as compared to opaque fabrics.

Closing thoughts

Compression stockings are a conservative method to heal leg related issues but very effective in dealing with the pressure on the leg. Choosing the right fit from our medical products online is very important to give you the health benefit you are looking for.

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