Choose The Right Bandage For Your Wound

Choose The Right Bandage For Your Wound

Choose The Right Bandage For Your Wound

If you are working in a hospital, you probably know the importance of bandage placing and on what wound which dressing to place. The right bandage helps to speed up the recovery process. Choosing the proper application is a little bit complicated as bandages come with different designs for various wounds. The market is full of pharmaceutical companies that are medical supplies like manufacturing bandages.

So it becomes vital for one to handle each wound with precaution. There are two major types of bandages, i.e., roller and triangular bandage. One uses these two bandages to cover and support injuries occurring on joints, i.e., knee, elbow, etc. if one can’t find any dressing, they can cover up the wound with a clean cloth. Just make sure that the fabric is breathable.

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So select the right bandage according to the wound and always clean the wound before applying a dressing.

Ways To Put A Bandage On Wound:

  •     Look at the wound first
  •     Hold the injury with care, buy medical equipment online and start to put bandage from front
  •     Put the dressing all around the damage, not so tightly
  •     Tuck the bandage with the help of pins
  •     For triangular bandage, use reef knots for tying
  •     After tying, put one finger inside and wait till 5 seconds, if the color of the finger changes so loosens up the bandage a little bit

Point To Keep In Mind While Dressing A Wound:

  1. Type of wound:

It is the first and most important point which one should keep in mind while putting a bandage on a wound or injury. Look around the damage with light and check whether the wound is dry or damp. If the wound is moist, choose a bandage that can absorb the moisture and let the damage dry as much as possible, i.e., an alginate bandage. In the contrast, if the wound is dried, cover it up with a dressing that can moisturize it, i.e., hydrogel bandage.

  1. Presence or absence of odor:

The most faced concern is that the wound often stinks, which can negatively impact other people. Suppose the injury sometimes stinks, so one should opt for the charcoal bandage. Such types of applications help to control or eliminate the odor or smell. They absorb the bacteria, which causes a bad smell or odor. The market is full of dressing, which removes 99.9% of bacteria, which causes foul odor.

  1. Chances of infections:

So this point is also very crucial to consider while choosing the right bandage for the injury. Check whether the wound can get an infection or not because some scars can quickly get infected, and some can’t. Choose dressings which consist of silver and iodine, so they can absorb the dirt and can eliminate them at the same time. These bandages can absorb the fluid, which comes from wounds and causes some hazardous infections.

  1. Presence of slough tissue:

If the sloughing tissue is not present over the wound, one needs to protect it carefully and always try to keep the wound moist as much as possible. But if the sloughing tissue is there, one needs to use a semi-permeable foam bandage over the wound to stop drainage and to avoid getting the infection. Keep this in mind while you apply plaster over an injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bandage?

  • Helps to prevent infection
  • Ensure better and fast recovery rate
  • Keeps the wound away from dirt and bacteria’s
  • They help to relieve the pain
  • Allows the patient to become more comfortable
  • Helps to remove moisture from the wound


By putting the right bandage over a wound, one can boost up the recovery speed quickly. Before applying bandages, always clean the damage or injury. One can also cover a wound with a clean cloth if they cannot find a bandage or dressing.

Keep all these points in mind while buying medical equipment online or applying a bandage on a wound. Take all the necessary precautions during and after the injury.

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