Automatic Pills Dispenser: A Boon To Patients

Automatic Pills Dispenser: A Boon To Patients

Automatic Pills Dispenser: A Boon To Patients

Over the years, medical science has made commendable progress which has decreased the mortality rate and has improved the health of people worldwide. Especially with older people, medicine has helped in improving the quality of their lives.

Also, with the advancement of technology, buying medical supplies online is becoming an easy task, helping people to take care of themselves. The online medical products are supplied at the doorstep, which is its most significant advantage.

As we grow older, memory loss becomes a significant issue. Remembering to take medicines on time is a challenging task. Many a time, older people also land up taking the wrong medicines. Not only older adults, but patients suffering from medical issues like dementia also face such issues. In such cases, an automatic pill dispenser comes to rescue.

To have a confusion-free, timely, and right medication, buying a pill dispenser is a one-time solution. It can easily be bought like any other online medical products. And anybody can assist such people in buying medical supplies online if they can’t do it on their own.

How does it work?

The pill dispenser needs to be loaded with medicines as per the prescribed timings, and then the caretaker needs to set the alarms for the same. When the alarm rings, the patient needs to go and pick the appropriate medicine from the door. The medicines come to the door of the pill dispenser automatically on the time as set by the caretaker. Also, it is noteworthy that only the caretaker can open the dispenser to place the medicines in it. So the chances of wrong medications are also solved with this beautiful device.

What is the need for this device?

  • Provides peace of mind:

Times have changed. Today mostly everyone is leading a life of solitude, especially in their old age. Youngsters leave their homes for building their careers, leading their own lives. And taking care of their older adults is not easy living so far off. And older people will always need a person to take care of their routines, which includes timely medication. Once the automatic pill dispenser is filled, and the timing is set, both the caretaker and the patient becomes carefree, leading to fewer worries about forgetting the pills and gives more peace of mind.

  • A feeling of independence:

The patient has no guilt of being dependent on someone else for their basic need of popping a pill and gives a feeling of self-dependence, which is as important as a factor for good health as is taking medicines on time.

  • Makes medication error-free:

To err is human, and it is no big deal if the caretaker does the wrong medication. Especially with patients who take a lot of medicines at one time. Also, when a few medicines look the same as not everybody can remember the names of medicines. There can be an overdose many times. To avoid all the confusion and make medication a hassle-free process, usage of a pill dispenser is of great help.

  • Helps in not missing a dose:

With preset timing in the dispenser, there is no chance of forgetting to take the pill on time. In many cases, where regular medication plays a vital role, like thyroid or diabetes, this device is a lifesaver, which helps in timely medication which can be hampered due to forgetfulness. Also, in dementia patients, it’s a blessing to own an automatic pill dispenser.

Points to be kept in mind while purchasing the pill dispenser:

  • The capacity of the device:

Two features should be considered while looking for capacity. The first feature to be looked for is the number of slots available and the second feature is to see the capacity of each slot, which means how many pills the slot can hold. It is an essential feature to be considered as once the dispenser is filled, it should at least be useful for a week.

  • Easy in usage:

The device is used to make the medication easier, but it should also be taken care of that the process to fill in the medicines and setting the alarms should also be user friendly. If not, then the entire purpose of creating the dispenser will fail.

  • A lockable dispenser:

The dispenser should have a locking system where only the caretaker can unlock it and fill the medicines, to avoid any mishappenings.

  • Continuous alarm for surety of medication:

The alarm should not turn off immediately after buzzing. It should buzz for at least 30 minutes so that the patient moves to the device and take the pills out and turns off the alarm.


Utmost care must be taken while buying the automatic pills dispenser from medical supplies online. Whenever online medical products are bought, the above-said points like the safety feature and usefulness of the product should be kept in mind.

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