• Thermo-Form Thumb Splints Model 359SR Right Hand, Small, Short Lengths

DeRoyal® Thermo-Form Thumb Splint #359SR Small/Right-Short


Product Description

  • Short Wristed Version
  • Constructed of durable neoprene-type material for a smooth, comfortable splint
  • Features thermoplastic piece that can be easily molded directly on the patient using warm water (160°-170°F) for a custom fit
  • Inside pocket holds molded thermoplastic piece that is removable when cool
  • Available in three lengths: short, mid and long

INDICATIONS:   Short and Mid lengths: Thumb osteoarthritis; Thumb rheumatoid arthritis; MCP joint injuries; MCP fusion; Tendonitis; Joint fractures. Long length: De Quervain’s Syndrome; Tenosynovitis; Arthritis


Measurement:   5.5"-6.5"


DeRoyal ThermoForm Thumb Splnt 359SR -01
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