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So who or what is Vesalius?

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You might think Vesalius is an odd name for a company.....

Actually, it's not.....we named the company after a man who specialized in human anatomy, and the science behind it. 

And since we are a dealer for items created to help the ailments our anatomy can bring- we though it appropriate to honor Dr. Vesalius.  He leaves his mark 451 years after his passing.

From Wikipedia:

Andreas Vesalius (31 December 1514 October 1564) was a Brussels (in modern-day Belgium) anatomist, physician, and author of one of the most influential books on human anatomy, De humani corporis fabrica (On the Fabric of the Human Body). Vesalius is often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy. He was professor at the University of Padua and later became Imperial physician at the court of Emperor Charles V.